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Why Is Truck GPS So Important?

While you can get around without a truck GPS, the question is why would you want to? Being able to have help finding the best route to get from one location to the next is always convenient. You may have lived in an area all your life but not know some of the cross streets. When you go out of town for fun or business, you may be in a strange area and need help getting around.

Paper maps are old school, and far less convenient than GPS. A map can show you a given area but the GPS can give you exact directions from where you are to that destination. You don't have to try to figure anything out on your own. It will tell you the distance and it will tell you the estimated time of arrival.

Should your regular route be blocked due to road construction, an accident, or a traffic jam you need a way to get around it. You can get off at the next exit but then what? You don't know the side streets that will take you to that destination and a new route. With GPS you can get there at any point from where you get off. It is convenient and very fast and if you have one with up to date maps it is always going to be accurate.

Truck GPS is important for your safety when you have cargo you are in charge of. There is the risk someone will try to hijack it from you. If your cargo is worth lots of money such as electronics, money, or other such items it is a higher risk. Many transport systems operate trucks at night so they can make deliveries at off peak hours to the destination. This can increase the risk of someone trying to take that load.

GPS can give dispatchers information on your route at all times. If the truck is moving along like it should they aren't alarmed. If you stop for too long they can get suspicious and check on you. If you are broke down or you are ill they can send help to you. If they can't reach you they can send emergency services in that area out to you immediately. Time isn't wasted trying to figure out where you are.

Being in compliance with driving hours and laws is your responsibility. The employer needs to feel confident you are going to follow them. They can rely on truck GPS to tell them if the vehicle is moving when it shouldn't. This will often warrant being immediately fired due to the risks you are putting on the business.

If there is any type of accident, the data collected by the GPS may be used to help determine what occurred. This includes where you were located, where you came from, and the speed you were operating the vehicle at when the accident occurred. All of this is recorded and stored in the GPS memory.

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